croatia driving

–Below is a blog post by a traveling American. Don’t worry it isn’t as scary as he describers 🙂 —

I’ve mentioned before. Many times. To anyone who will listen. That the drivers in Dubrovnik are literally the worst drivers in existence. And I don’t know how companies can afford to offer full coverage car insurance!

When I lived in Croatia, I didn’t drive. Because I value my life. So I had to take taxis everywhere. Turns out, taxis are not safer. In fact, I probably would have been safer had I bought a car, closed my eyes and just hoped for the best.

Let me start with getting into the taxi. Usually, when you get into a cab you tell the driver where you want to go. Because I couldn’t use the tones properly, this was out of the question for me. So I carried a list of addresses written in Croatian on my phone to show the drivers.

The idea was that they would look at the screen, know where to go, and drive there. And it works. As long you find the one taxi driver in Croatia who possesses the gift of sight. The first alarming thing that will happen, is that the driver will take your phone. Squint at the screen. Give up and take a pair of glasses out of the glove compartment. Read the address. Nod. And then take the glasses off and begin to drive!

The second alarming thing that can happen, is that you’ll notice a screen by the rear-view mirror. You will assume it shows the view of the road behind the driver. It won’t. It will be showing the road right in front of you, only slightly zoomed in, so that the driver can see what’s happening. Excellent.

And it only gets more fun when all of these blind drivers get together and unnervingly swerve in front of each other at high speed. Honestly, if you’re ever in Croatia and fancy the adrenaline rush and fear that comes with extreme sports, but without the price tag and annoying safety features, just take a cab!

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